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Why Choose Webmonster

We've been in the website construction and search engine industry over 15 years. Truthfully, the time in the industry means nothing at all. It helps, but you want a beautiful and stunning design that will make your customers adore you. Take a look around. If you like what you see, we'd love to help.

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Small Business Website Design Made Affordable

At Webmonster, we make small business websites affordable. It's fairly common that we hear many small business owners expect to pay a lot more than they should. If your under this impression we're here to clarify that's not at all the case. As technology evolves we're able to do more in half the time and we pass the savings along to you. Now, we're not the Red Cross here and we do make money, but it's over time because we actually finance the websites we build. We don't make our customers pay a ridiculous amount of money upfront. It's simple and straight forward. We charge $299 down and only $99 per month with no hidden fees. We'll never nickel and dime you for basic changes because we beleive it's all part of the customer service experience. We have about a 95% retention of our customer clientelle and we directly attribute that to world class website design and stellar customer support. In short, we're here when you need us. We'll never build your website and then forget about you. We'll never be a sales type, shove it down your throat web development firm either. All we encourage our website visitors to do is actually see examples of the websites we create from our completed project vault. You can see what we do, you know our price upfront, and if you like what you see then we'd love to build a website for you.


We also specialize in search engine optimization, or seo as it's sometimes referred. This is the art of making your website appear for certain 'keywords' that may pertain to your industry or business in search engine results. We have sophisticated technology that actually tells us what consumers search for on the web. We NEVER 'game' or try to manipulate search engines. We simply help them understand what your business is all about and therefore help you rank well. When you hear any firm say they will submit your website to thousands of search engines, beware. It's nothing but a sales tactic that sounds great but simply not worth the words you read. Google controls over 65% of all search engine traffic in the United States. They're closest competition is Bing! and then followed by Yahoo!. Many people don't know that Yahoo! search results are powered by Bing! technology so you essentially see the same results. So, long story short, the three search engines just mentioned control over 75% of all search engine traffic. See what we're talking about here. We focus on the three that matter, not hundreds. If you here this, be very leary and make your own decision as to whether it's right for you.